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How does CashRebateClub work?

CashRebateClub has partnered with over 3,000 popular online retailers to bring you the latest online coupons, sales, and promotions they currently have to offer. These stores in turn pay fees for sending shoppers to them which is what creates your Cash Rebate.

Each store offers a different Cash Rebate percentage. Just look at the percentage next to the store name on the CashRebateClub site to see how much savings you will earn. The amount you earn is based on the net purchase amount, which excludes shipping and taxes. Purchases of gift cards do not qualify for Cash Rebate. Most purchases are rewarded a Cash Rebate rebate within a few days from the purchase date; however, some rebates may take longer to post based on store policies.

How do I earn Cash Rebate on my purchases?

To earn your Cash Rebate, log into your account, click one of our merchants links or the SHOP NOW button. You will be taken directly to the merchants website. Immediately after that, make a purchase on their website as you normally would do if you went directly there. We will track your steps along the way, and credit your Cash Rebate when we receive it from the merchant.

You can check the status of the transaction, see your cleared and pending earnings, and recent activity on your My Accounts page.

What is the My Account section?

Your My Account section is how you manage your personal CashRebateClub account. Here you can:

  • View your shopping click & purchase history
  • Manage your profile;
  • Request your Cash Rebate check;
  • View your Invited Friends history and much more.

You can also manage your CashRebateClub settings such as e-mail options, changing your password option or profile information. There is even a section at the left column called Banner Builder, where you can get custom CashRebateClub banner to use in your emails or on your website that will direct people to CashRebateClub and automatically place them in your community if they register.