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Multiply Your Earnings with the Cash Rebate Club!

Supercharge your reward earning potential in a way you never thought possible with our groundbreaking multi-generational referral program!

With every referral you make, not only do you reap your own rewards, but you also reap the rewards of your network which goes four generations deep, earning you a remarkable 10% match of what each referral earns.

Picture this: you introduce someone to the program, and they start earning. You're not only benefiting from their success but also from the success of those they refer and the subsequent generations. It's a domino effect of growth that keeps on giving.

Here's an example of how it works:

  1. You refer 5 people.
  2. Each of those 5 people refers 5 more people.
  3. This pattern continues for 4 generations.
  4. Each person referred uses the program and earns $12 a month in reward.
  5. You earn a 10% match of what all referrals earn.
Let's calculate the size of your referral network:
  • 1st Generation: You + 5 referrals = 1 + 5 = 6 people
  • 2nd Generation: 5 people in the 1st generation each refers 5 more people, totaling 5 x 5 = 25 people
  • 3rd Generation: 5 people in the 2nd generation each refers 5 more people, totaling 5 x 25 = 125 people
  • 4th Generation: 5 people in the 3rd generation each refers 5 more people, totaling 5 x 125 = 625 people

So, your referral network after 4 generations would consist of 6 + 25 + 125 + 625 = 781 people.

Now, let's calculate your potential earnings:

1. Calculate the earnings of the people in your network:

  • 781 people x $12 per month = $9,372 per month earned by your referrals.

2. Calculate your earnings as a 10% match of what your referrals earn:

  • 10% of $9,372 = $937.20 per month.

So, with a referral network of 781 people, each earning $12 per month in the program, you would earn $937.20 per month through the 10% match provided by the referral program.